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Our history of helping investors to protect their wealth extends back to 1993.

We stand ready, willing and able to eliminate those fears, uncertainties and doubts [FUDS] of all things financial . . . while we take the mystery out of these challenging concepts!

Just imagine how steel is created . . . how it differs from iron or gold or silver.  Steel is created from multiple components. One "combines" alloies to improve strength used for many purposes.  Finance is similar: To be successful, traders "combine" various aspects of finance to generate intellect and wisdom.

Without wisdom, NEVER put money at risk! 

Nothing achieved in time has been accomplished with no risk! 

Meanwhile, a structured training regimen from master mentors is salient!

When you become good enough, perhaps the masters will enable you to risk some of their capital [under strict guidelines]. Meanwhile, avoid risking your own money until we believe sufficiently in you to guide your path. Because we are not going to risk any of our money until you have gained confidence to qualify to manage assets. 

Commission us as your mentors!

Pay attention and learn from masters!

Our rigorous program consists of five major segments led by select skilled traders who know how to analyze and select only high probability setups before applying risk; traders and teachers with differing strengths make up our team. We enable student traders to select their levelfor whatever place they find themselves at the moment.

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Every time a person misunderstands a term, attention is lost... seldom recovers!

We add clarity to one's development path! 

We take the mystery out of investing and trading world wide markets!



RISK Disclosure Keep this in mind: Commodities, options, stock index futures, metals, interest rate derivatives and currency futures [COSMIC] trading is high risk.  Prior positive performances are no indication of future results.  Consult your own financial advisor before getting involved in futures with real money.  We provide education, not trading advice.  We expect viewers to develop and practice their skill on a trading simulator platform.

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